Leadership at its finest

Bernadette Morris
Bernadette A. Morris is the company’s President/CEO. She holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Florida International University, and a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Communications from Stetson University and the University of North Florida. Prior to forming Sonshine, Bernadette was the Associate Dean/Division Director of the Office of Public Affairs at Miami-Dade Community College. She also enjoyed a successful career in broadcast journalism where she worked as a publicist for PBS/NPR and a producer of children’s programming. She has over 20 years of professional experience in providing and delivering effective marketing, media, public and community outreach services.
Colin Morris
Managing Director/COO
Colin Morris is the Managing Director and the firm’s Chief Operating Officer. Colin has over 18 years of operational management experience. He holds a Master of Public Health Administration degree from the University of Michigan’s School of Public Health, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and Economics from Kalamazoo College. Colin is a seasoned professional and a skillful media buyer who has provided the firm with opportunities to work with a number of health organizations, corporations, and federal agencies.